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I help driven women live a life of positivity and abundance through nourishment, gratitude, and passion-fueled entrepreneurship as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, wellness advocate, and business mentor.

Here you’ll discover how to use essential oils, get delicious gluten free recipes, uncover fun ways to add a little more “health” to your lifestyle, and create a plan to turn your passion for health into wealth!

my most popular programs:

  • heartburn
  • digestive pain
  • breathing issues
  • headaches
  • anxious feelings
  • knee/back aches
  • boosting energy
  • thyroid problems
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Rosemary Roasted Beets {Gluten Free + Dairy Free}

rosemary roasted beets
It’s easy to let yourself sink a boring-side-maker when it comes to dinner. The “main” entree is supposed to get all of the effort right? Wrong! These Rosemary Roasted Beets will both surprise and delight at dinner. To add extra color to the side dish, I used both red beets and golden beets. You could try only red beets or get...
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Overnight Chia Seed Pudding with Apples + Cinnamon {Gluten Free + Dairy Free}

Overnight Chia Seed Pudding
Since I have Celiac Disease I have to find other ways to get my grains than your traditional “whole grain” foods. Chia seeds fill that void, and as an added bonus, they’re usually grown organically. Today’s Overnight Chia Seed Pudding recipe is a simple gluten free breakfast idea. It took me years to be brave enough to try chia seeds. They’re a...
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Is Your Low Sex Drive A Hint That You Need to Improve Your Gut Health?

Low Sex Drive
Do you ever just not have that desire to strip down and get in between the sheets. (whoa TMI?) In today’s post we will uncover the root cause of your low sex drive. Before you blame it on your feelings for your partner, understand that attraction is only a part of the equation when it comes to arousal. Keep reading to find out...
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Fall Diffuser Blend: Spiced Chai Latte

Fall Diffuser Blend Spiced Chai Latte -
Spiced Chai Lattes are my weakness. If I could always have one in my hand during the entire Fall season, I would be the happiest girl ever. Problem is that they are full of caffeine and tend to send me over my dairy limit. So, I created this delicious fall diffuser blend to enjoy whenever I want. Because let’s be...
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My Essential Oil Library Collection

Top Books on Essential Oils -
Cat’s out of the bag already. I’m a nerd. Well, technically I’m a librarian (yes, I have my MLIS). So, I have my own essential oil library. Here’s a look at the books inside. Books are my favorite things. In love flipping through the pages, smelling the inside of a new binding, and can get lost for hours inside a...
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A gluten free pregnancy: my pregnancy survival tips

Those of you that know me may be thinking I’ve lost my mind. Thinking “Jenna, you’re always gluten free because you have Celiac Disease.” But, I’ll explain… From the beginning of my pregnancy there was a reoccurring question that always popped up from people that don’t know me so well. “Are you still gluten free now that you’re pregnant?” Um....
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Are you in? Join us for a 7-Day Smoothie challenge to ditch the belly bloat and get that gluten free glow.
Plus get gluten free recipes + lifestyle tips... It's Free!
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