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My Packing List for #CDFEXPO

The Celiac Disease Foundation’s Gluten Free Conference and Expo is this weekend in Pasadena, CA.   I’ll be inside the Peer Support Lounge on Saturday from 10 -11am, then visiting throughout the Exhibitor Hall.  You can also catch me at the Crunchmaster booth later in the day and on Sunday morning.

When traveling, I like to snack which can be hard to do when you’re traveling on a gluten free diet.  Even though I’m only taking a carry on suitcase, I’m still making room for some delicious gluten free snacks to enjoy on the plane ride out to California.

Here’s a sneak peek into what I’m taking:

Gluten Free Snacks

Crunchmaster has always been a staple snack food for me since I found their gluten free crackers.  This year they’ve introduced their gluten free Crisps, and I can’t stop eating the Cheezy Crisps! You’ll find them in a very easy-to-reach location in my purse on the flight.

Gluten Free Protein bars are a favorite of mine to carry while traveling. You don’t always know when the next fulfilling meal is going to come from – especially if you’re in a new area.  I’ll be bringing the Oatmeal Raison bar from the Gluten Free Bar with me this weekend.

While at the GIG Expo last weekend, I got to try the Kitchen Table Baker’s Crisps.  They are entirely made out of cheese, which as you may know holds its own separate category on the food pyramid for me.  These delicious bites will also be coming along for easy and cheesy snacking.

I never travel anywhere without a supply of Emergen-C.  These packets are jammed full of essential vitamins and nutrients to keep your immune system running at its best.

Finally, every gluten free girl needs some sweets while she’s on the road.  The amazing people at Mama Baretta in Penngrove, CA found out that I was attending the Celiac Disease Foundation Expo and sent me some goodies to bring on the plane.  While my fellow passengers are snacking on the complimentary peanuts, I’ll be spoiled at 30,000 feet with gluten free amaretti cookies, gluten free chocolate chip cookies and their award-winning gluten free Caramel Florentina cookies.

Mama Baretta Gluten Free

What are some of your travel snack favorites? Share them in the comments below!

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2 thoughts on “My Packing List for #CDFEXPO”

  1. Thank you for the nice words. You will be able to travel home with even more of our crisps because we are exhibiting at the CAR show in Pasadena. Make sure you tell all your followers that we will also be providing the crisps at the luncheon as we have for the.past several years….this year participants.wont have to fight over them because we will be selling them at the expo at a discount.

    Again thanks for the shout.out

Ready to Glow? Get 7 smoothie bowl recipes that will make you glow from the inside out!
Plus get gluten free recipes + lifestyle tips... It's Free!
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